About Us


Our story began with a team member’s passion for making homemade soaps. It was such a fun and relaxing time that other family members soon joined in.
Since the hobby now was not one but several people, many new ideas appeared, we did not limit ourselves to soap making, began to try candle-making, 3D prints, Engraving and wax melts.

Everyone made a big contribution. Over time, there was a desire to show our creations to others. We saw that people are interested in our handycrafts, And so many products have accumulated that we simply did not have time to use ourselves, And so we as a family decided to open up a small family business in our home.


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Our team

Jelena Sergaciene
Founder, Owner, Artist, Production

Greta Saripova
Co-founder, Artist, Photographer

Dexter Sergac
Co-founder, Artist, Production

Renatas Saripovas
Programmer, Advertisement

Sergejus Sergacius
Maintenance, Finances, Salesman