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2020 Christmas time!

Christmas in our family, perhaps like most others, is a time of dismissal and the completion of work that has begun. However, this time everything seemed more complicated than usual. We had just started our business, so it seemed like work was just beginning. With many new concerns in the field in the future, much needed to be learned and get used to the new agendas. But at the same time, it was an extremely happy time. We made sure that combining work and pleasure was not as difficult as it seemed, the passion for our hobby only increased with time, new pleasant acquaintances emerged.

We had an infinitely good experience when we are making a Christmas donation to a local care home in Hopton to show our gratitude to the carers delivering amazing care to their residents! Then for the first time we set out to make a big batch of wax flour and we did great. Everyone who received the gift was very happy, and we ourselves were very happy to be able to brighten someone’s day. We also received a lot of praise, which gave us even more motivation to move on and stick to our goal.

So we can really say that Christmas time was great for us. As for professional growth so does the mental sense

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