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Story Started

Our family has been very creative and energetic for a long time. Everyone had some hobby, their hobbies. But the day came when something came together that united us all into one. It all started with soap making. It was an extremely great and interesting experience, a lot of space for creation. We cooked soap in various forms, created recipes and tried the ones we found online, collected bouquets from soap gels. Let things not always go well, but everyone liked them. Step by step, we got the idea that we needed to share our creations with others. Friends and acquaintances really liked the soap, but the soap lasted for a long time, so we came up with a way to cheer them up with something else. Then we started to cook wax melt. And it was something amazing. The house always smelled wonderful as we made, distributed everything and were still too little on duty. Of course, all the materials you need cost a lot of money, and it’s no secret to anyone, so one day we decided we needed to build our small business and combine a fun hobby with benefits. It was December of 2020. Not many things have changed since then. We also love our business very much. We also sometimes make soap, but the main thing we do now is wax melts. We are constantly expanding our business opportunities and now trade on several platforms such as Etsy, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay and elsewhere. As volumes and demand increased, we purchased equipment that helps us a lot. We now have the opportunity to create unique designs ourselves and implement them on wax, and we can also accept individual orders for unique designs. In the future, we have a big plan to expand even more, provide even better quality of service and more variety, so let’s be in touch and rest assured that we will surprise you with new amazing offers.


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