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12 Ways to use fragrance oil

Fragrance Oils (as opposed to Essential Oils) are manufactured oils and contain synthetic constituents enabling, through the effective mix of these ingredients, the production of a large variety of delightful fragranced candles and other products such as soap and diffusers.

12 Ways to Use Fragrance Oils:

1. Diffusers
Adding the fragrance to your diffuser is a great way to freshen up your home. Be sure to research what diffuser works best with your fragrance oil.
2. Dryer Balls
Take your favorite Fragrance oil and place a few drops on wool dryer balls. The drying cycle will force a release of the fragrance onto your laundry that smells great and is long-lasting.
3. Air Filter
Fragrance your whole home by taking advantage of air flow. Place a couple of drops of your most loved fragrance oils to your air filter and the fragrance will diffuse each time the fan taps on.
4. Freshen Potpourri
Place a few drops on potpourri to the scent levels of your desire. Over time potpourri loses it once strong scent and can be brought back to life with fragrance oils.
5. Make an air freshener spray
This all fragrance oil air freshener can be used in any space to aerate and refresh the air and surroundings. Mix 12-20 drops of fragrance oil in with 2/3 cups of water. Search online for recipes that suit your needs.
6. Carpet Cleaning Solution
Gaining popularity is a baking soda based carpet cleaner infussed with fragrance oils. Online you can find several recipes for this carpet cleaning mixture. Awesome for homes with pets.
7. Freshen up Wax Melts
Add a few drops to your scented or unscented wax melts. This is a great way to spread your fragrance oil aroma all over your house. Mix in a few drops in and enjoy.
8. Soaked Cotton Balls
This use for fragrance oil is becoming more and more popular. Take a few cotton balls and place a few drops on each. Place the cotton balls in places such as drawers, closets, and anywhere else you desire. We’d recommend using places you can be somewhat discreet with them.
9. Use on Stationary
Sending a note or letter to a loved one or friend? This is a great way to leave a trail of wonderfully scented fragrance oil. Use a cotton ball or piece of cloth to rub a few drops on the notes.
10. Carpets in Vehicle
Keep your vehicle scented with fragrance oil by placing a few drops into the carpet. Old air fresheners in your vehicle may have lost their scent. Freshen them up!
11. Toilet Paper Roll
Include a couple of drops of fragrance oil in the cardboard tube inside the tissue roll. The aroma of the oil will discharge each time the paper is utilized.
12. Vacuum Cleaner Filter
Place a few drops of fragrance oil onto the filter. When you vacuum it will release the fragrance in the air and cover up the smell of any dirt it picks up during the process. It’s a win win!

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